Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Take me Away

Well, there is nothing like seeing a huge mass of white on Doppler radar to make one want to get away.  So, this morning I made plans to do just that.  Get away.  In June.

OK.  I admit that is a bit of a wait.  Since I do not have to leave my house until Thursday though, watching the snow come down makes the wait bearable - unless I can't get out Thursday either.

I have booked a trip to see the National Parks of Arizona and Utah.  I decided to leave the driving to someone else so I can actually enjoy the view. 

Several years ago I drove around Lake Tahoe.  Couldn't tell you much more than that it was a long way down.  It seemed as though everyone on the road coming from the opposite direction was driving a behemoth motor home.  No time for looking over the edge or even out the window at the scenery while driving.  On the highway back to Sacramento, a car had gone off the highway and down the embankment into the east bound lanes.  Not a comforting sight.

So, come mid-June, I will be looking at what I have always called a 'bunch of big holes in the ground'.  Two trips to Arizona, two to Vegas,  and I never went to Grand Canyon.  So I guess the fifth time is the charm.  And the beautiful photograph of Bryce Canyon in my entry will now be something I have seen first-hand.  In June.

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