Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To Tree or not to Tree

Whilst shopping in the mall today, I overheard three store employees talking about taking down their Christmas decorations.  One of the women said that she did not put up a tree anymore, and I chimed in with a 'Hallelujah'.  One of the other salespeople turned to her said she must be a very unhappy person.  Since I was ready to make my purchases, Mrs. Scrooge and I headed over to the cashier's area.

She asked me if I indeed did not put up a tree and I said that I had not put one up for the last two years.  The tree I have is almost eight feet tall.  I explained that it had just gotten too difficult to make the trips up and down the stairs, set up, take down, etc.  I had asked my two sons who live in the area if they wished to complete the ordeal just to have a tree up for Christmas dinner and they said 'No'. 

When they were younger, I actually put up two trees.  Hey, I was younger too.  It was fun.  The tree went up the Sunday before Christmas and came down mid-January.  They were here every day to enjoy it.  Not so much anymore.

This weekend, one of my sons helped me take the Santas to the basement storage area.  The snowmen will stay on the tabletops until the snow is gone or Easter, whichever is earlier.

I explained to the clerk that I refuse to be made to feel guilty for not putting up a tree for everyone to look at while opening gifts.  I did spend a lot of time wrapping the gifts in pretty packages with real bows.  I do all the cooking and baking for the family.  So, do you want to eat or look at the tree?  I finally have to admit that I am not Superwoman.  Unfortunately for tree lovers, my family has figured it out also.

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