Saturday, January 16, 2010

If I want your opinion, I'll ask for it

There is only one comic that I make sure I read every day.  Frazz.  For those of you are too important for such trivial reading as the comics and do not know Frazz, he is a janitor at an elementary school in Lansing, Michigan.

This comic brought back memories of Phil Donahue running around his studio audience with his microphone, getting various opinions from those attending the broadcast.  If you don't remember Phil Donahue, here is a link: with some good information.  Phil had a way of introducing a controversial topic and then presenting both sides of an issue in a thoughtful and entertaining manner.  It is the only talk show I ever watched and in 'my opinion', the only one ever worth watching.

Today, we can all voice our opinion by posting our own blog, OR posting on the websites that ask for your opinion.  Yikes!  Are there that many adults out there who can neither spell, construct a proper sentence, or even address the topic?  If so, our education system is really in the toilet.

Oh well.  I am sure many of us have heard the title of this post directed at them. Not you? Consider yourself lucky. I actually heard a township trustee tell another trustee that their opinion was wrong. Huh? That is why it is called an 'opinion'. 

As for me, I have several friends from whom I often seek opinions.  Sometimes, they prove invaluable.

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