Friday, August 26, 2016

Flashback Friday Blogfest - January, 2010

Today I am joining the Flashback Friday blogfest, hosted by Michael D'Agostino over at My Life Examined.  He asks the question 'How Long Have You Been Blogging?'.  Update:  This was actually the question in May.  Ooops.  Here is the current link.

The following post was my sixth blog post on January 6, 2010.  It was read by exactly one brave soul. Thank you, whoever you were.

I must say that not much has changed in my reasons for blogging, though lately I am into just pasting lots of photos on my pages.  Here goes:

Blogging for Dollars - NOT!

OK.  Let's face it.  No one is going to write a book or make a movie about this blog.

This past week I watched "Julie and Julia"  based on a blog about cooking all the recipes in Julia Child's first cookbook.  None of us would realistically do this, would we?  There are 50 pages on sauces alone.  I cook a lot and have even taken classes at Schoolcraft College on sauces, but no way would I make all 50 pages of sauces in one year.

Yesterday, there was an article on the web about a woman who lived a year of her life following everything Oprah said to do.  Now I have only watched Oprah's show once.  I was on vacation and my travelling companion insisted on watching the show with Sarah Jessica Parker launching her new line of clothing.  (I've never seen 'Sex and the City' either).  This woman blogged about 'living la vida Oprah' and turned it into a book.  I say, 'Who Cares?'

Today another article on the net is about a woman who spent a year blogging about her search for a husband.  Well, thinking about some of the losers I've met since I have been single, her blog might have some humorous stuff in it.

The point being, I started this for myself and to put my thoughts down.  If friends or acquaintances find something interesting, so be it.  If they say 'who cares', that is OK too.  But don't look for me to be on Oprah's couch anytime in 2011.

OK.  So, if you are interested in joining, just sign up below.  And thanks to the Doglady's Den for alerting me to this.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Reading Like the Turtle or the Hare?

Since I blogged about my love of reading, I thought I might share this link I found on the Cynical Sailor's website.  The test of your reading pace does not take long.

I discovered that I am faster than 83% of readers.  That explains a lot of what I am doing in my spare time.  Did I say I love to read?

I did miss one of the questions they asked after I read the text.  Then again, I didn't know there was going to be a quiz.  I do tend to skip over a lot of the details in books.  My apologies to the authors, but there is often material that I feel is not necessary to the story.  It's like movies that feel they have to have a love scene, even when it adds nothing to the storyline.

Anyway, the test is short and you might discover something interesting.  Like the fact that I could read War and Peace in 21 hours.

ereader test

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wordless Wednesday - Breakfast for Two

Shot through the glass with telephoto lens at sunrise.  I did not even know there were two birds there until I loaded in on the computer.