Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Salvia 'May Night' - something the deer do not eat - yet.  Blooms all summer and bees love it.  The deer eating all the flowers on plants is contributing to the loss of bee habitat and the bees themselves.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Repeal the Fireworks Law on Facebook

I received an email yesterday from Representative Henry Yanez of Madison Heights.  Rep. Yanez has started a Facebook page where everyone who hates fireworks (like me) can come together.

I do not have a Facebook account - I'm trying to be the very last person who signs on, lol.  But I do think he has a good idea.  The link to the page is here.

Rep. Yanez is one of the sponsors of HB 5327 to amend the law.  I counted at least eleven different bills that have been introduced in this legislative session to change the law in one form or another. But they all seem to go nowhere.  They do not even get a hearing!

People who know me and know my career in government know that when it comes to doing what is best for the people of this state, I do not follow party lines.  Which is why I am sitting here at home retired.  There are good folks out there trying to look out for the vast majority regardless of party affiliation so I do not need anyone telling me that several of these bills are sponsored by Democrats. That being said:

At least one of the bills out there would prohibit sky lanterns.  My community leaders, all Democrats, voted to ban them.  But a certain trustee running for supervisor here is defending a company in a lawsuit against a neighboring large city who also banned them, stating the city has no authority to do so.  Seems that he is more concerned with money in his pocket and money in the fireworks sellers' pockets than in the safety of the folks who pay taxes.

I signed the petition listed on the Facebook site ages ago.   I only had to call the police four times this past week.  Pretty soon I'll have talked to all the dispatchers and we'll seem like old friends.

All for a measly $4 million in revenue.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Oh Deer

I am sure that most of you are tired of hearing me complain about deer and fireworks, but that is exactly what I will be doing this week.

First, the deer.  I have now moved all the daylilies (other than Stella de Oro) and nearly all the hosta varieties they love into the back fenced yard.  I am thinking that I may just use my deer netting to cover the few fragrant daylilies in the front yard when they flower.  That being said, I spent yesterday at my son's home removing hosta that was planted last month and replacing it with Shasta daisies.

I know some folks think deer are cute and don't understand the damage they do, but really folks, is this what we want our landscaping to look like?

On the taller hosta they left just the stalks - which I replanted in my back yard.  I have also had them totally take down cotoneaster shrubs to the ground in winter.  I refuse to give up and will continue to fight them on my property.  In Michigan I can shoot an intruder to my home but no one wants to shoot a deer in the city.  Go figure.

This is what those tall hosta should look like:

This is what they cannot get to - my daylilies in the walled garden: