Monday, May 25, 2015

One Bloomin' Season - week two

I had hoped some of the irises might have opened, but it looks like we have to wait until next week.  Lots of green in the yard, but the real color show is a good month away.  More columbine opened this week:

 This is the year I let them go to seed.  I do it every few years and increase my supply.  Free.
 That's a bleeding heart in the center of the columbine.  And below is a picture of the north garden as you enter from the front gate.  I'll try to take a picture each week as the season progresses.
Back here the geum are blooming and not much else, for now.
The warm weather we had early followed by the cold and frost have done a number on lots of buds on trees and shrubs.   I just hope everything survives.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Memorial Day Week-end

Memorial Day originated as Decoration Day after the American Civil War in 1868. The Grand Army of the Republic, an organization of Union veterans, established it as a time for the nation to decorate the graves of the war dead with flowers.   It was celebrated on May 30.  In 1968 Congress decided we needed a three-day holiday and the date was changed to the last Monday in May.   That is why I am sitting here on a Saturday morning with the temperature a balmy 42 degrees F on May 23 thinking there is no way I am going outside to do anything in the garden before late this afternoon when it is supposed to warm up.  My holiday calendar says it is the start of the summer season, but Mother Nature says we are all mixed up.

As you begin your holiday week-end, may I share some photos I've previously posted of our memorials to those who fought for us.  Lest we forget those who died serving our nation and why we have this three-day holiday week-end.

This is on Old Route 66 in Elwood, Illinois.  It was established in 1999.

Below at Arlington National Cemetery:

Civil War Tomb of the Unknowns

Tomb of the Unknowns

Gettysburg national cemetery img 4164
Soldiers National Monument, Gettysburg National Cemetery

To the families who gave their loved ones for the cause, you have my deepest gratitude.

Friday, May 22, 2015

It's That Freakin' Fireworks Time Again

Last year I started on online petition to ban fireworks in Michigan.  This legislative session has seen two bills introduced to allow local units to regulate fireworks.  SB 0300 and HB 4367 both allow slight oversight by local units without completely banning them.  Don't hold your breath waiting for action on these.

I've already heard fireworks on Easter Sunday because I am sure that the early Christians were all setting them off when Christ arose from the dead.  Well, maybe it was the intense noise that did it.  The last two Sundays have also witnessed a few being set off.  I guess folks want to make sure they work before they start this week-end.

Legally, they can only set them off Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, though why you need to celebrate the day after a holiday totally escapes me.

I feel sorry for all the animals, children and the veterans suffering from PTSD who have to live through this nightmare.  I am actually dreading the entire week-end.

If you signed the petition last year, I thank you.  If you would like to sign now, the petition is in the right hand column of this blog.  No one in Lansing listens to us peons, but your signing it makes me feel better.

Have a safe Memorial Day week-end.