Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Summer Giveaway

First, I am not giving anything away, but I am providing you a link to a blogger I follow.  To be honest, I do not at all remember how I came upon this blog, or if they found me first.

Anyway, I have enjoyed the absolutely beautiful images on the site.  This month there is a giveaway of a journal.  I no longer keep a journal.  I did years ago when I went through my divorce and found it very cathartic.  Then, I burned all of them.  My doubts and fears were written down, dealt with and destroyed by fire.  Now, I just have a blog.

If you are interested in the giveaway or just want to see the blog, then go to '2 Bags Full...'.  You will not be disappointed.

As for me today is the last day of June and the year is half-over.  I spread the last bag of mulch yesterday and all my garden projects are done for this season - which originally was not supposed to have any projects.  Oh, well.  Now I will just sit back and watch the flowers bloom, the rain, the birds, and then wait for fall when I get to clean up everything that bloomed this summer.

The robins are all running around the yard and having a great time in the bird bath.  Here is a youngster that was running in the backyard.  Hard to get a good shot as these babies are pretty quick on their feet.

I had to zoom in on this area below to get the picture of the bird near the middle of the photo.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Idiocy. Complete Idiocy.

You all know how I feel about fireworks in the hands of anyone but professionals.  So, rather than go on a rant about how the law needs to be changed because it disturbs my sleep every night, because the State shouldn't make burning down homes and blowing oneself up so easy, you can read this story here.

Yesterday I helped my son with some landscaping chores at his house.  Middle of the afternoon and someone is setting off fireworks.  Illegal but who cares.

If you live in this state and haven't signed a petition to ban fireworks, now is your chance.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

One Bloomin' Season - Week Seven

I just realized that I cut my grass three times in the last ten days.  It rained all day yesterday and more is predicted for tomorrow.  Enough already!

Anyway, here is a sampling of what has been blooming, starting with an croton growing indoors.

Since the view into the back forty hasn't changed much this week, here is a pic of the other side of the fence.  This is the view from the gate and it faces the street at an angle.  It is all astilbe and a few hosta.
Street view:

Way back a gazillion years ago I started daisies from seed.  They are still growing.  I love them and have many plants.
The daylilies are just starting to bloom.  No way will the peak be the Fourth of July this year.  Here is 'Happy Returns'.
The Quick-Fire Hydrangea are opening.  These blooms will turn a rosy pink as the season goes on.
If you smelled something sweet and looked up you would have seen the lovely blooms of little-leaf linden.  Of course that means that eventually I have to deal with seed pods.  Frowny face.
The feather reed grass is blooming now.  I've added several grasses in the back corner where I cut down all the honeysuckle shrubs.  They have now been eradicated from my yard.  I hope.
And last but very certainly not least, hostas are blooming.
 Great Expectations
American Halo
Dream Queen (with Old Glory in the background that may bloom for the 4th)

I know, some of you don't get it.  It's those leaves, those color variations, the size, the ease of growing...

Tours on Sunday.  Call ahead, lol.  Yes, another person dropped by to see but I was busy and told her to come during the week.