Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Secret Addiction, or, Why I Sit at my Computer but Don't Blog

Back in the Spring of 1959, before many of you were probably born, I contracted a case of German measles, or Rubella.  It is not the kind of illness that a 12 year old wants to have when one is looking forward to great weather arriving.

At the time, our neighbor was pregnant and my illness was not welcome news for her either.  She had to drive to the County Health Dept. to pick up gamma globulin for her doctor to inject to protect her unborn child.

Anyway, because my case was atypical, a fever that did not subside, my doctor was concerned that I may have rheumatic fever, the etiology not being clearly defined then or now.  So, I was told to spend my summer vacation in 'idle' mode.

I had a friend who was frail and rather sickly, so we spent a lot of time together playing canasta.  And Scrabble.  While I still play Scrabble, I have no idea what the rules of canasta are anymore.

When I did not have someone to socialize with, I played Solitaire.  But a game that can be won only about 1% of the time gets boring rather fast.  So I got out my mother's card rules book (Hoyle's) and learned how to play Freecell, though I don't remember it being called that back then.

When I got a computer that had the game installed, I thought it was great.  And I played it a lot.  When I had to replace the computer, I was sorry to see my game total and winning string disappear.
But, shortly after getting my new computer five years ago, I discovered that a change had been made to the game.  Instead of making a bad move and being completely shut out (sorry, you lose), you could now back-track and fix your mistake.

As of this moment, I have played 25,741 games.  I have won 25,521 games.  My longest string is only 16,863 games though.  Lesson learned:  do not walk away in the middle of the game, forget about it and then shut down your computer.  ARRGGHH!

I love the challenge of seeing the cards laid out and figuring out the moves to be made to make the four stacks necessary to finish the game.  I find the game relaxing at the same time.  When I turn the computer on in the morning, playing a game is the first thing I do before going on the net to check my mail.

I guess if I have to be addicted to something, this at least will not mess with my mind or make me fat.  I guess you could call it 'Government approved'.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Politics as Usual in West Bloomfield, i.e. the Crazies are Running the Show

The blog post copied below was posted last month on a blog run by someone nobody knows because there is no info anywhere about the person.  I do not always agree with the blogger, but in this case I do.

While I have tried to stay away from politics here, I have been so upset the last few weeks what with phone calls, emails, and drop-in visits by folks that I feel I have to say something.

We have, IMO, a megalomaniac in office in our Township.  Unfortunately, she is the person running the meetings and so folks who agree with her can ramble on and on and those who oppose her are gaveled down.  I have decided not to waste my time showing up tonight at the meeting which will probably be another 'train-wreck' (as someone described the last meeting).

After watching her from the sidelines for the last six years, I see her as a trouble-maker who tries her best to stir things up to make herself look like a poor victim and then use it to her personal political advantage.  This is pure ugliness and politics at its worse.

To those who are leading yet another recall campaign against Board members who are looking out for the majority of voters and the welfare of the Township, let me say this:

You cannot recall someone for fulfilling their statutory duties.  State law empowers the Township Board with the responsibility to hire assessors.  Right, the Township Board, NOT the Supervisor, who, by the way, is NOT the CEO nor is she like a  'Mayor'.  (Maybe you should all take a civics class.)

Since the current assessor had given a notice of intent to retire, it was their RESPONSIBILITY under the law to seek alternatives.  Funny how the assessor gets up after the motion was made and says if they are looking elsewhere she is not going to retire.  How crazy is that???

And just when I think things can't get any worse.  How will all the bad publicity affect our property values?  Not for the better I think.  Nice going Michele.

Anyway, here is the post from January back when all this nonsense started:

Crackpot's Politics, Not Racism Reign at Town Hall

Well, the West Bloomfield Township Supervisor is telling us the Township Board is opposed to her appointments based on race.  This is somewhat astonishing given her first acts as Township Supervisor was to try to allow the former Police Chief the right to appoint the Police Officer of his choice despite where the applicant may have placed on qualification exams.  The Department only had two black Officers at the time.  She also approved the hiring of an employee who finished last (of over 40 applicants) in a clerical qualification test.   Of course, in both cases, there were political connections.  Now, the Township Supervisor has charged the Township Board with racial bias in questioning her appointment of Deputy Supervisor and appointments to other Commissions of the Township. While achieving diversity in appointments is an important goal, one questions why so many persons of a certain ethnic heritage have been selected by this Supervisor.  One only need to look at her last campaign report to see where the money came from to figure out why.  Her criticism of the board is based on political support, not race.  She is upset that the Board was concerned about the high starting pay for her most recent appointment of Deputy Supervisor.  But, isn't it odd, she didn't have any problem voting to cut the pay of the Clerk's and the Treasurer's Deputies.

This is pure politics, not race.
But, we shouldn't be surprised by this continuing campaign of misdirection by this politician.  Just last month she claimed that the biggest public safety threat in the Township was the radiation from radio read water meters.  Apparently, she hasn't noticed Town Hall is between two of the highest, most powerful sources of radiation in the Township, the huge cell tower on the hill behind Town Hall as well as the Police Communications tower.  Maybe she is hearing voices telling her there is racism at Town Hall.  You can be sure she will be coming up with some crackpot theory to explain why she continually has difficulty managing her job as Supervisor of West Bloomfield Township.

And while I don't normally copy someone else's post, this blogger has copied mine so now we are even.  I would just really like to know who they are.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

How I Spend My Retirement

Some of you may be wondering where I have been the last couple of weeks.  Well, I've been tucked away inside my house where it is nice and warm.

Last week-end my oldest son was in town for business so I had the opportunity to have all my boys here for dinner.

Yesterday I had a spa day, a treat for myself in the middle of this very cold weather.

As you know, during the week I am just lolling around baby-sitting.  Here are some pictures from a typical day.

First, there is mirror cleaning:

then drawer cleaning:

and bathroom cleaning (what happens when you forget to close the door):

And after all that work, one is totally exhausted and ready for a nap:

Me?  I'm just watching TV and eating chocolates, lol.