Monday, August 31, 2015

One Bloomin' Season - Where is the Rain?

A week ago they warned of heavy rain and damaging winds.  Well, it never happened in my garden. Saturday they again said we were to get rain.  Well, not enough to do much good.  And last night's thunderstorms never arrived.  With temps headed into the 80's it looks like I need to get out and set the hoses.

Not much happening in the garden this week, likely due to temps in the 50's overnight, cool days and no rain.  Here are this week's pics.  Welcome to my garden...entering from the south side pathway.
Green.  Lots of green right now.  Below is a picture of my Sweet Gum tree.  I am at the northern fringe for growing this tree and after two tough winters I was a little worried this spring when it took so long to leaf out.  Fortunately, it made it.  I am standing under the tree for the photo.  The tree has a variegated leaf which accounts for the shades of green.
And those cool temps are already causing the leaves to change color as seen on this double-file viburnum shrub
And this Katsura tree:
The only new flowers to begin blooming this week are the fall blooming sedums.  Here is Sedum Spectabile, just starting to show color.

The highlight right now is the Monarch butterfly enjoying the flowers:
On Joe Pye Weed above and on heliopsis below.

So, heading into the long holiday week-end, I leave you with a picture of the moon on Friday night.  I had wanted to do a comparison of the size of the moon between Friday and Saturday night, since on Saturday it was supposed to be 30% larger in size due to its closeness to the earth.  And then Saturday came and it was all cloud cover.  Oh, well.
Have a great week.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

An on-going Project in the Garden

It's like the never-ending story.  I still remember when the area in front of the garage was three small cotoneaster and a birch tree.  There were some yews that eventually died and not much else.  

But as things grew, more and more grass was taken out.  And in 2008, with retirement looming, I started to fix up the front yard.

2008 - just a walkway.
Two years at home and I decided that the grass needed to go.
2010 - the grass is gone
The following spring of 2011,  the planting began with transplants from other garden areas.
July, 2013, the fruits of my labors are showing progress.

June, 2015, I think it works.

The walkway, August, 2015

I'd like to say this is done, but I am in the process of removing most of the cotoneaster, which is just too invasive.  Also, most of the daylilies are going to the backyard to be replaced by 'stuff' that deer do not eat.  And I still need to catch that d--- rabbit.  Wish me luck.

Monday, August 24, 2015

One Bloomin' Season - Cooler days are a comin'

I looked at the calendar and realized that the summer was nearly gone and I had not had a family barbecue.  Next Sunday for sure.  But that means that the colors that graced the yard for the past several weeks will be mostly gone.  A few daylilies are still blooming and some are re-blooming, but the show is nearly over.  Can fall be so close already?

Welcome to the Garden:
This lovely Midnight Marvel hibiscus will get transplanted to the front yard as soon as it is done blooming.  Since it's not a favorite of deer, it will switch places with a tall red daylily.  Some of those black-eyed Susans will also find a front yard spot.

Somehow I neglected to take a photo of the red helenium when they were blooming, so here is an old photo from the files.  The yellow ones are current.

I started these from seeds back in the mid-70's and like them because they bloom now when not much else is.
The Quick Fire hydrangea are really changing color nicely this year.  The cool nights are helping.

And the houttuynia also is really pretty, besides being deer and rabbit resistant.

Last week I over-looked my garlic chives, though they pop up all over so not sure how I missed them.  I am trying to keep them in one spot, so dead-heading will be a MUST.

Last, but by no means least, are a couple of hostas.  (I actually bought two more varieties this past week.)  First, H. 'Marilyn Monroe' which I added this year is blooming.  I practically had to lie on the ground to take the picture.

These H. plantaginea 'Fragrant' are so full of blooms I just had to post this picture.

And while it did not bloom this year, I wanted to post this photo of H. 'Empress Wu'.  It is growing and doing really well.  Compare the leaf size to the plant above.  No trick photography involved, H. 'Empress Wu' supposedly will be five feet tall someday.

Sedums should be blooming next week.  Y'all come back now.