Monday, October 17, 2016

A Fall Morning

A summer with little or no rain and a fall with plenty of it.  Lots of clean-up still to do, but the mornings with the sun coming up are just lovely - even if it is overcast and a little foggy.

These are the views from the living room doorwall.

 The Kousa dogwood in the foreground on the right is just exquisite - if I can just keep the squirrels from ripping off the bark and tearing up the leaves.  Plus, it blocks the view of the boy's tree house.  BTW, I had to replace all the side-boards this year at a rather hefty cost because the squirrels had chewed all the tops.  Arrghhh!
The back corner that was re-landscaped last year.

Last Thursday marked my 44th year in my home.  A lot has changed both inside and out in that time.  Seems there is always something to do.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - October

The extremely hot summer has turned into a mild fall.  We have yet to see a frost in the yard, though the open park behind me had frost this morning.  That means that fall clean-up is going to last into November.  

The limelight hydrangeas are still blooming, even producing new blooms.
The Montauk daisies are blooming despite the best efforts of the rabbits to eat them to the ground. Thank goodness for chicken wire.
The red sedums are developing a good color and even the low-growing ground covers that have finished blooming look good with their variegated leaves.

The birds have been having a field day eating berries, fighting with those miserable rats with bushy tails (some folks call them squirrels - same family).  Here are some cotoneaster and viburnum berries.

The birches have started to change color.  Here is a white birch.
And the katsura tree can be seen from the kitchen patio.  It seems lovelier than ever this year.

 Coral bells in a beautiful purple really stand out in the fallen leaves.

Soon all of this will be bare stems.

Happy Fall.

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