Friday, March 31, 2017

Enough with the Scam Phone Calls Already

If my phone rings and I do not recognize the number, the odds are really good that I will not answer the phone.  I do not donate money over the phone, even to worthy causes.  I do not participate in random surveys.  But the great majority of the calls have nothing to do with anything legitimate.

I am talking about the numerous scams that prevail in this country.  While I have never answered a call regarding a loved one stranded or in jail overseas, I know that is very popular.  And folks fall for it.  Recently I received an email from an acquaintance who had to run out of the country unexpectedly and was now stranded overseas.  Tough, lady.  The bogus email landed in the spam folder.  I have many friends who have had their emails hacked, but the bogus emails usually contain viruses in links, not requests for money.

It has been some time since 'Rachel' has called to tell me how she can lower the interest rate on my credit card balances.  Of which I have none.  Balances that is.

Another caller purports to be from Windows telling me that my computer is sending out strange signals and I have a virus that they must correct.  Yes, occasionally I do pick up when I need to tell someone what they can do to themselves.  The latest Windows scam happened in the last few days when a woman called with a recorded message to tell me that my license for using Microsoft Windows has expired and that I must call a certain number so that it can be reestablished or I will not be able to use my computer.  Just how stupid do they think I am???  (don't answer)

Then there are the numerous messages left on my answering machine telling me that I am being investigated by the IRS and that if I do not return the call, 1) a police officer will be sent to my home; 2) a warrant will be issued for my arrest; 3) a Grand Jury will be convened to investigate me; or 4) I'll have to have dinner at the White House with the President (just kidding but that would scare the crap out of me.  Ewww.)  What is disturbing is that many folks fall for these scams and send money - to the tune of $300 million and counting.

Then there are the calls saying they are returning my call after I inquired about a knee brace, NOT, a back brace, NOT, or a hearing aid, NOT.  I have a friend who got the hearing aid call and kept saying 'What?  What?  What? I can't hear you."

There is no use wasting your time putting your number on the Do Not Call List because these scoundrels are certainly not following the law.  But even if you do, you may have the same experience I had last week.

I often see the name Go Green on my caller ID.  Finally, tired of this going on year after year, I picked up the phone.  After the young woman said who she was I told her that I have never used their service and am on the Do Not Call List and that she was in violation by calling me.  She said "You know there is no such thing as that list" and hung up.  Now who is stupid?


  1. A friend of mine is an IRS agent. She picked up her phone one day and it was the IRS scam. She played along for a few minutes ... said it was amusing to scam the scammer.

    1. When they told me they were sending the police, I told them to send the Chief cause he was a friend of mine. They hung up. But, they try again.

  2. I have to have a land line as part of my work, I have not given that nunber out to anyone. I get calls on it all day long from all parts of the country. A few leave a message, mainly bill collectors from who had the number before us. I never pick up that phone unless it is my work calling. I am thankful for caller ID.


  3. Okay, the "I can't hear you" in response to the hearing aid call is awesome. Pure brilliance!

  4. The last "IRS has been trying to reach you and we are about to issue a warrant for your arrest" told us (message left on our machine, a robocall) to call a number in area code 427. Which, apparently, is Mexico. It would be funny if it wasn't tragic for all those who fall for it, especially senior citizens. Alana

    1. I have never paid attention to the phone number they leave. Interesting. Maybe we can be cellmates if we get arrested.


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