Friday, July 8, 2016

West Bloomfield Primary Election

We have a primary election next month here in West Bloomfield.  I am encouraging all of my fiends to vote in the Democratic primary as the choices available there will directly affect our local community.  Here is a guest post from my friend Larry Brown, who currently sits on the Township Board.

To my fellow residents of West Bloomfield, Michigan:

We are currently into our 2016 election cycle and I feet it necessary to give you some insight into the candidates that are running and who I would hope that you would support.  We have just finished 8 years with a Supervisor and Trustee who have cost our Township thousands of dollars for legal fees, terrible publicity and making our Township an embarrassment throughout the State.  Please take the time to read this information.

Township Supervisor
Sam Logan Khaleghi is a breath of fresh air to the community.  Although he is newer to the picture he has his heart and soul in wanting to move the Board and this Township forward without confrontation and with ideas to move the Township in a direction that will benefit ALL the residents and not a select group.  Sam has told me that he is the managing director of a company with over 300 employees and has been involved in the union contracts.  He has a business head and will be a positive person for the position.

Township Clerk

Cathy Shaughnessy has been in her position now for almost eight years.  She has been challenged by certain members of the Board with false allegations made against her on and off for years.  Cathy has learned her job well.  She is a dedicated, hard working and intelligent person.  She is tough on how the Township spends its money and needs to stay in her position.  She has two competitors and neither of them have the stature and skills that Cathy has obtained in her years of service.  I see no reason not to vote her in again.

Township Treasurer

Our current Treasurer is a very nice person but severely lacks the skills and ability to continue to be the Treasurer.  Many of her department's responsibilities have been moved to the finance department, which is overseen by the Clerk, and now for the first time in years have no negative audit statements due to this.

My suggestion is that we vote for Gary Morof, CPA who will bring his skills and abilities to the Treasurer's office that has been long lacking since Denise Hammond retired.

Township Trustees

My recommendations for these positions are Howard Rosenberg, Diane Swimmer and Jonathan Warshay.  These three have the experience in government and Howard and Diane have assisted in keeping this Township in great fiscal shape.  My fourth choice would be Igor Shpunt.

Please understand that I have worked and known these candidates for at least eight years, except Igor, and their integrity is of the highest degree.  Many of you have believed in my insight and decisions over the past seven and one half years so please believe in me during this most important election year.

So in summary:

Supervisor:                Sam Logan Khaleghi
Clerk:                         Cathy Shaughnessy
Treasurer:                  Gary Morof
Trustees:                    Howard Rosenberg, Diane Swimmer, Jonathan Warshay
                                                and Igor Shpunt

Thank you for your time in reading this information.  I do intend to still be around even after the election.

Lawrence Brown


  1. I hope the best men/women win.

    1. That would be a first, lol. We truly have had eight years of hell here and things were bad when I left eight years ago. No one thought they could get worse, but they did. The only thing keeping us out of the papers now is a neighboring community where one official accused another official of kidnapping his 20-something daughter. Just because she wasn't answering the phone he assumed she was kidnapped - by his co-worker. I thinking maybe they were drinking Flint water.

  2. Best of luck to all the candidates :)

    I wish you a wonderful start to the week :)

    1. After calling the police three times on Saturday night because of the fireworks (illegal), I slept last night with no disturbance. Maybe you wished me a wonderful start to my week and it worked. Thanks!