Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy

There is just so much to do.  And blogging never seems to make the list.  I have three recipes to write about.  Books to review.  I missed Garden Bloggers Bloom Day this week, but I have photos.  The holidays are coming.  Oh, my.

And I have lots of opinions on what is happening in life, but when do I write about it?

I keep debating as to whether or not I really want to continue writing a blog.  I find blogs that have one focus to be more interesting, whether it's travel, gardening or food.  I have little interest in what folks think or are doing with their lives, even though I admit to posting about  mine.

I just heard Charlie stirring in the next room, which means nap time is over.

So, what do you think about this blog?  Honestly.  But nicely.


  1. I personally would certainly miss your blog Denise and hope you will not stop writing although I do understand your time commitments particularly to Charlie.

  2. Thank you. I would definitely miss your blog too.

  3. Oh I hope you don't stop because I would miss it and this is meant sincerely. I love your rants on fireworks and daylight savings time. I would miss your pictures of your garden, your meals and your grandkids. Even if you need to take a break due to being so busy, I hope you don't stop.

    1. Oh thank you. I love your blog posts too. All those movies I have never seen even though I have seen a lot of movies. More things to take up my time. Seems like I have less time in retirement than I did when I was working.


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