Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Night Like no Other...At Least not in a very long time

Last night I attended our Township Board meeting.  As you may recall, I do not do this very often.  I do, however, consider myself an 'equal opportunity complainer' and have criticized various Board members when I felt they deserved it.  And I have agreed with them when I felt they were doing the right thing.  I never blindly defend or praise the actions of someone because I consider them 'a friend'.

Last night I felt the need to attend the meeting.  I read the report of the attorney hired to investigate the actions of our Treasurer and saw his recommendation that the Board ask the Governor to remove her from office.

First, let me go back to 1988 and my appointment to finish the term of the Treasurer who had been appointed the new Supervisor.  Unfortunately, some of my friends still remembered the censure of the 1980 elected treasurer by the Governor.  He was censured for drunkenness and accosting a female employee.  He was allowed to remain in office, collect his salary, sit and read the newspaper while his Deputy did the work.  He was also required to take Antabuse each day.  He was gone in 1984.

Some remembered the 1978 Treasurer who made of habit of not showing up for work.  They joked about what I would do.  Finally, after demonstrating my capabilities (meetings were televised so everyone could watch me in action), the snickers died down and I brought a respectability to the office.

And now we have come full circle.  Some say I set the bar for performance too high.  But how is that possible?  If we are going to pay someone a six-figure salary, shouldn't they be doing a six-star job?

Last night I was cut off from speaking after two minutes, the limit for comments.  I announced that I would post my full comments on my blog and have already heard from two reporters. 

I do not think this current Treasurer 'gets it'.  Her attitude seems to be that if someone corrects her errors it is all OK.  No harm, no foul.  But as I pointed out, we have just been lucky so far.  Had she mailed a refund check to a resident instead of depositing too much money in a parks department account, the resident would not have to give the money back.  She just sits there at the Board table with this smirk on her face that makes me want to throw something at her.  And thank goodness she didn't get involved in the Ponzi scheme I detailed a few years ago.

It has been a long time since I came home from a meeting and been so wound up.  And then my phone started ringing.  I spent over an hour talking to folks and thought I would never calm down enough to get to sleep.

Everyone said the same thing:  We need to recall this person.  But I know from past experience it is very difficult.  I actually applaud the three officials who resigned from office rather that put the residents through a nasty recall in 1988.   I just don't see this woman doing it. 

A dear friend says I must get used to 'popularity politics'.  Well, I guess that would be OK if the popular politicians didn't control my local tax dollars and I didn't have to worry that they would lose my pension dollars or jeopardize my health care.  But I only have to look a few short miles south of me to see the results of mismanagement.

Now, I am going to go off and have a nice lunch with a friend who is extremely happy that she no longer has dealings with my Township.  I am going to Christmas shop and may even enjoy it.   And I will start to post some of the Christmas photos I have been taking in my home.  I have put out most of my decorations that have been packed away for some time.  There are lights everywhere. 

And again, I thank each of you for reading and will go back to my more upbeat posts.  I think.


  1. Sounds like you have a lot to blow your top off about. Simmer down and relax. You are retired now after all.

    1. Yes. I am retired. I had a good day today. Had more fun time.


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