Monday, August 19, 2013

Watching my Weight

I've never exactly not had a weight issue.  Even though I maintained a certain weight for most of my life (outside of pregnancies), it was not without effort. 
I grew up in an Italian household.  We ate a LOT of pasta.  And I loved it.  Bread and cheese too.  And my mother was a terrific baker.
Fortunately, I was an athlete in high school and burned a lot of calories.  In college, I only took two phys ed classes.  No time for too much activity.  And weight gain was a lot easier than weight loss, or even maintenance.
This first photo was taken at the end of my Junior year in college.  Exams were over and I am seen 'throwing' my biochemistry notes in Lake St. Clair.  I weighed about 120 pounds.  It was the last time I would ever see that weight.  I used to keep this photo on my fridge when I was dieting.  (I don't think I'll ever see that 24 inch waist again, either.)

The next photo was taken on May 17 of this year.  When I got home from my trip and saw it on my camera I was shocked.  And motivated.

I would like to be able to say that this was the heaviest I had ever been, but I actually weighed more when I retired.  I'd lost about ten pounds since then. 
I had once been a lifetime member of Weight Watchers.  I knew it worked and decided to bite the bullet and try again.
Today, after three months in the program, I hit my 10% weight loss milestone.  I still have two more 10% goals to go, but I did want to try and keep photos of my journey.  So, as difficult as it is to do a self-photo without a tripod set-up, here is this morning's pic.

As the WW commercial says, 'You can do it'.  I know.  I did it once before.  Now, I'll do it again.


  1. Looking pretty good there girl. Dunno how much your 10% was but I too have just lost 25 lbs with quite a few more to go. I am not brave enough to take photos though.

  2. I couldn't imagine weighing what I weighed in college? Yikes.

    You look good, and I wish you the best on reaching your goal, I know how that feels. I have pretty much followed Weight Watchers most of my adult life, my mother did it and so I learned from her. I like it, it is easy and I can use regular food. Then, I just add portion control to it.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  3. This is great. Weight is definitely the next issue I need to focus on. The college weight is so long gone and never to return.


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