Friday, July 5, 2013

You can Deafen me with your Fireworks, but NO Screaming

Every now and then I see some story online that makes me shake my head and wonder.  What planet am I living on?  Why does nothing make any sense?

I sat down to check my email and saw this headline:  'Roller Coaster Shut Down due to Excessive Screaming'.

Now let's put this in perspective.  Last night I could hardly hear the dispatcher on the telephone when I called, four times to be precise, to complain about the fireworks.  The noise level was deafening.  I was wishing I had some of those noise cancelling headphones.  And I was inside my house with the windows closed.

But out in California, the folks were screaming, that's right, just screaming, too loudly on a roller coaster and they had to shut it down.  The screams exceeded an agreed upon decibel limit and the coaster had to be placed in a protective tunnel.

sky lanternWe are supposed to have a noise ordinance here, but despite my calls, the fireworks were still going off at 12:30 A.M.  Worse even was this sight:  sky lanterns.

I was outside and I saw this orb in the sky.  I thought it was a plane.  Then I saw a flame.  It was not much higher than my roof line and I live in a ranch style home.  I started getting concerned, but then I saw about six of them over the roof of my house and figured out it wasn't a plane.  The Fire Chief responded to a message I sent and said they were sky lanterns and that they are illegal here.  Illegal.  Right.  Like anyone around here cares about that.  Let's just send up a piece of paper with a flame attached.  Great idea.  Just cause we all live in wood houses, why would we be concerned?

Well, tell that to the family over on Walnut Lake who had their home burned by smoldering fireworks last week.  Makes me so mad I want to scream!

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  1. That's not to mention all the people who get injured with fireworks as well. Luckily we don't get the screaming (not that we can hear) but we do get private fireworks all round us. Must admit, I would scream on a roller coaster too.

  2. Excessive screaming on a roller coaster,now that is a new one. As far as fireworks we have been blessed to not have that problem in our area and it is a shame that they don't do more to ensure your safety and property care too.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality


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