Friday, July 26, 2013

Just 'Pin It'

Last year I decided to put a lot of my recipe collection on Pinterest.  I did a really good job of cleaning out recipe files and should probably just discard anything I couldn't find online.  My reasoning is quite simple:  every time I am looking for a recipe, the first thing I do is check my Pinterest account.

I have spent a lot of time organizing it so that I do not have to search through hundreds of recipes.  Want to make a berry pie with your latest market find?  There is a board for that.

So, in the interest, purely selfish, of seeking more followers for my pages, I am listing each of my current categories (I am always updating boards) with their links.  I do have other Boards besides those with recipes, and you can find the full line up here.

Let's Do Brunch - Pancakes, crepes, French toast
Eggs-traordinary Brunch - Egg dishes for brunch menus
Breakfast Sweet Treats - Scones, muffins, sweet buns for breakfast and brunch
Brunch Breads - Coffee cakes and quick breads
It's the Berries - Berries and other fruit dishes
Just Dips - Cocktail Party dips
Just for Starters - Appetizers: finger foods or first-courses
The Drink's on Me - If you can drink it, it is here
Souper Soups
Salad with Chicken or Turkey
Salad with Shrimp or Seafood
Salad with Pork or Beef
Vegetable and Pasta Salads - Salads with primarily vegetables, maybe some bacon
Salad with Fruit
Pasta, Mangia! - Pasta and noodles with meat
Vegetarian Pasta - Pasta and noodle dishes with no meat or seafood, just veggies or cheese
Whole Chickens - Chickens and other small game hens
Poultry Parts - Chicken, duck, game hens, sausages
Breast Lovers (Chicken)
Let's Talk Turkey
Where's the Beef Roast?
Beef Steaks
The Rest of the Cow - Short ribs, ground beef dishes, corned beef
Pork Roasts
Pork Ribs and Chops
Ham for the Holidays
Veal for Real
Lamb, it's not mutton
Burgers on a Bun
Grillin' n Bar-B-Que
For the Love of PIZZA!
Fish is the Dish
Who You Calling a Shrimp?
Lobster, Mussels, Crab, and Clams
Scallops - Just Scallops
Breads and Rolls - Breads, rolls, and flatbreads
Savory Sauces and Dressings - plus spice rubs and condiments
Po-Tay-To, Po-Ta-To
Sweet Potatoes and Yams
Rice is Nice - Risottos, pilafs, paellas, rice casseroles
Savory Veggie Tarts and Bakes - Veggies baked in a tart, puff pastry or souffle
Eat Your 'Green' Veggies - Green, or not so green, vegetables as side dishes
Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts
Squashes and Root Veggies - Squashes, carrots, and beets
Side Dishes - Stuffings, souffles, dishes not in another category

Tomorrow I'll be back with all of the sweet treat boards.  You really should eat your healthy food first.  So now I will go eat the healthy vegetable soup I made for which I really do not have a recipe. 


  1. I have all my recipes in a cookery book program on my computers. They are sorted the way I want them and its easy to find the ones I want.

  2. I was going to say also, I have never really used Pinterest.

  3. I have pinned recipes,home improvement and clothes ideas. I use Pinterest for dreaming and useful ideas,it really is fun.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality


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