Saturday, June 22, 2013

The World is full of @$$%#!&$

Well, I can't really type what I want to, so I have to resort to symbols.  I was all set to get up this morning and comment on our state agencies and elected legislators and some of their bonehead ideas.  (Such as a requirement to have smoke detectors in tents at Boy Scout campsites that got shot down earlier this year.)

Last year these geniuses in Lansing decided to allow the sale and use of loud fireworks in Michigan.  They apparently were upset that Ohio was making money off of our residents.  My understanding is that Ohio sells the fireworks but does not allow their use in their state.  We did not allow them here either, but that did not mean that folks were worried about getting caught breaking the law. 

So, in the interest of making more money for the state to spend, since they do such a fantastic job of spending our money already, they decided to make the sale and use of fireworks legal.

Last year was a complete nightmare.  I lost count of how many times I called the local police about the misuse of 'arms' (it sounded like a war zone). 

This year, after numerous complaints from law enforcement, the legislature changed the law.  I personally cannot see where it has made much of a difference since these same law-breakers from last year do not care about 'the law'.

At 2:34 this morning I was awakened by 'the bombs bursting in air'.  Apparently, someone in my subdivision thought this was a great idea.  I figured there was no use in calling the police, because by the time they got the message, the folks would have been sharp enough to get back inside.

I am all for 'no tolerance' policies in these instances.  I had even considered going away for the July 4th holidays to someplace that does not put up with this b---s---, but instead have agreed to babysit my granddogs.  (Last year my neighbor was babysitting her daughter's pit bull and he was afraid to go outside the house to do his business.)

I think my local community should put every policeman and fireman out on patrol and lock up these @$$%#!&$.  I personally would consider that a good use of my tax dollars.

As for our legislators, they have gone away for a two-month summer vacation (and they have nerve to complain about teachers not working full-time).  I figure they can do no harm while they are out of Lansing, so maybe they should take a permanent one.

(See how disturbed sleep can affect one's state of mind?)


  1. We have a lot of the same problems here on hi days and holidays but luckily, so far, I have never been woken by fireworks that late. Maybe I sleep through it, but mostly they seem to finish before midnight. I worry, not only about pets, but what about the wildlife, they must be terrified. The Chinese have a lot to answer for.

  2. My posts would be completely %^*^*^ if I wrote about our elected officials. So disappointing -- and that's the nice way of putting it.

  3. I am still baffled by the absurdity of smoke detectors in camping tents? I mean sometimes can't we allow for personal responsibility? Soon our government will be rationing our food purchases,telling us when to pleasure ourselves (wink,wink) and heck when to go to the restroom but fireworks, let them rip!

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality


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