Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Where I was 25 Years Ago Today

May 1, 1988.  Here I am (on the right) standing in front of the old Town Hall on Orchard Lake Road.  I was sworn in as the new Treasurer for West Bloomfield at noon after being appointed by the Board on the previous Thursday.  It was a bright and sunny Sunday and the start of a new era in our Township.  Also pictured is our Clerk (left) and new Supervisor.  All three of us were appointed to our positions in 1988.

This day began a whole new chapter in my life and I have lots of good memories.   Unfortunately, the Supervisor would die just 17 months later, shortly after we moved into our new building.  (The building above was sold in the 1990's and is now a senior residence facility. )
The Clerk and I would keep running for office every four years and keep getting re-elected.  We would both retire in 2008.  
My thanks go to the many residents who had faith in us political 'newbies' back in '88 and continued to support us for so many years.  I hope we made a positive difference in the community.

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