Friday, March 8, 2013

Feeding the Beast

I think I have finally recovered from the agony of doing my taxes.  This year I was more organized and only spent two hours on them. 

I did not mind the Federal forms so much.  It was no different than I had done in the past, even easier since I made no energy improvements last year to my home and had fewer forms to fill out.  And I received a small refund which was a nice surprise.

But the Michigan forms were an entirely different story.  Actually, they were the reason I was putting it off. 

The State's Governor and his Republican sheep decided that previously untaxed public pensions would now be taxed.  The reasoning is that we seniors are receiving benefits from the state and are not paying our 'fair share'.  I believe that it was stated that we are a 'drain on the economy'.  Thoughts of 'Soylent Green' started running through my head.

BTW, I am still trying to figure out what exactly those benefits are since their highest expenditure categories are prisons and K-12 education.

But I digress.  This year the state received $1700 from me.  That is exactly $1700 more than they received last year.  Along with the tax on my government pension, they removed my property tax credit and my senior deduction.  Also gone were credits for donations to various entities in the state.

I am feeding a beast that I can see producing absolutely nothing that benefits me. 

I think that seniors who have yet to do their taxes will be in for a rude awakening, even if they do not receive a public pension.  Add to that the fact that the Governor's business buddies received HUGE tax breaks already, with more in the offing (removal of personal property taxes), and I think that it will be seniors staring the next revolution in America.  Someone seems to have forgotten that most of us VOTE.

It is too bad that these taxes were not done before the November elections.  I think if folks knew what was going to happen to them at tax time, they may have voted some of the idiots out of office.  But we will have an even better chance of changing things come November of 2014.  If I heard correctly, all of the state politicians are up for election.

And just as an item of interest, the State's latest boondoggle of an idea was to require smoke detectors in two-men tents at Boy Scout Camps.  Camps?  Campfires?   Fortunately it did not happen, but who is coming up with these lame-brained ideas?  Yet another example of why we need less government in our lives.

And yet, 'The Beast Goes On.'

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