Sunday, December 2, 2012

Looking out for our Neighbors

There are only seven homes on my side of the block.  Four of those homes are still owned by the original owners.  Three of those are occupied by retirees.  On the other side of the block none of the homes have original owners, but three are retiree owned and occupied. 

One thing several of us have in common is watching out for the comings and goings of our neighbors.  We do this not because we are nosy, but you just never know when someone may be in need of help inside their home when you do not see them outside.

When I went to visit my cousin a few weeks ago, one neighbor said he rang the bell several times wondering if I was OK.  Another friend said that when she didn't see my blog post, she figured I was gone away for the weekend, confirmed by my post when I returned. 

After a new neighbor, also retired, returned from a trip to see his daughter out of state, a neighbor informed him that he needs to let us know when he is gone in the future so that we don't worry that something happened.

And so it was this past week that I hoped something had not happened to one of the bloggers I follow.  Actually, I had hoped that she had taken a needed vacation and not that she was working too hard and too tired to post.  But yesterday a post appeared from Buttercup and along with it a great idea for December.  The suggestion originates from a website called  The writer has a calendar for December with a suggestion for a photo each day.

Now, I do not know about keeping up with this although Buttercup is two for two.  I did talk about my favorite movie today.  The only photo I have from yesterday is of my favorite soup, roasted butternut squash, which I made in the morning for lunch, with plenty of extra to freeze.

So, I'll continue to look out for neighbors and friends, be they near or far, and be thankful that they in turn are watching out for me.  You just never know.


  1. Denise, you are too sweet! Thanks for your thoughtfulness. It's nice that my neighbors near and far are looking out for me.

  2. The Ghost of Retirement Past will tell you, people have always retired, in good times and bad. Virginia Vacations


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