Sunday, October 7, 2012

When I Remembered the Camera

I haven't always forgotten to have a camera ready.  Sometimes I remembered, and sometimes someone else did.  Of course, my biggest photo op was in 2000 when Former President George Bush came to Birmingham to campaign for his son.
I was fortunate enough to have been invited to a small reception.  Dumb me forgot her camera.  There I was not five feet from the President as he spoke and I sat with my hands in my lap.
On another occasion I drove across town to Troy to see Elizabeth Taylor unveil one of her perfumes.  Me and Liz in Troy.  Camera in West Bloomfield.
My photos of Mitt Romney from four years ago are only recognizable if you read the sign behind him.  I had taken a group of friends and family to a fund-raising dinner.  Alas, the lighting was horrible, with all the local media producing so much light on him you could not see.
So, I have rare photos of anyone of any importance.  And while looking for those few this morning, I discovered that one of my favorites, of me and Bob Newhart, is nowhere to be found.  It should have been with everything I removed from my office when I retired, but I can't seem to locate it.
I did find two framed photos that used to be on my wall at work.  This first one is of me with former Governor John Engler and former Congressman Joe Knollenberg when they visited my office.  Guess what?  It was an election year.  I am guessing 1998.
I am wearing a stunning Oscar de la Renta suit that I still having hanging in my closet, god knows why.  It will never fit again, ever.  The Governor is wearing a plaid shirt.  Ugh!
This other photo was in my office for years and only one person ever recognized the gentleman in it.  At the time it was taken, he had retired from government service, but was to return in later years.  That means the picture was taken between 1993 and 2006.  Any one know who he is?
I'll give you the answer tomorrow.  Now I am off to find Bob Newhart.

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