Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday Tips

1.  Flu season approaches.  I already did my battle with the flu this weekend.  Muscle aches, headache, high fever.  Yuck.  On a positive note, I got lots of sleep and lost two pounds.  I usually get my flu shot in October.  My doctor says I now have to wait ten days after the symptoms disappear before I can get the shot.  My suggestion to all of you seniors is that if you are healthy enough to get the flu shot, please do so.  No need to be unnecessarily sick.

2. Politics make strange bedfellows.  That sentiment was sent to me an an email reply after I sent one out asking all of my friends to support David Flaisher for West Bloomfield Supervisor.  As I stated in my email, he and I have a 'not so friendly' past on our Township Board, but that doesn't mean that he is not the better choice in the November election.  He is running as an Independent (NPA) and even if you are voting a straight party ticket, you can still vote for David and he will get your vote.  Please do so.

3. Making connections.  I am sure that all of us have someone that we are always meaning to call or write - well, maybe email.  Somehow we never get around to it and sometimes, unfortunately, it becomes too late to do so.  Yesterday I picked up the phone and made a very long overdue phone call.  We had a discussion that lasted so long, the battery started dying in my phone and I had to grab another handset.  Luckily I have four of them.  My suggestion to you is that you make the connection.  I am betting there is at least one old friend or relative that you have been meaning to connect with again.  Do it this week.

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