Saturday, October 6, 2012

Seeing Stars - Eric Roberts

West Bloomfield is not exactly where you would go if you wanted to see stars, that is the Hollywood kind, I mean.  Yes, the HBO series 'Hung' was filmed here, but I never heard anyone say they saw anyone from the show unless they lived in the neighborhood.

This morning was the monthly get together of our breakfast group.  When I drove into the parking lot of Ellen's in Sylvan Lake (which sits in the north corner of West Bloomfield) for breakfast, there was a large group congregated around the local Bellacino's.

None of my friends seemed to know what was going on, so I asked a waiter.  He said they were filming a movie.  Well, I didn't see anyone famous and didn't get concerned that I had left my camera at home.

And then someone spotted Eric Roberts on the sidewalk.  Apparently he had to leave the confines of the restaurant to smoke.

I must say that he is even better looking in person.  I took a picture of the back of his head with my cell phone.  Could be anybody.  Then he went back inside.  (I have no idea how to send the picture off my phone to anything useful)

When I got home I looked up the film the waiter said he was filming, Golden Shoes.  Looks to be a family film and not sure when it will be finished.  They were supposed to be filming at Ellen's this afternoon, actually at 4. 

So, while the film incentives are gone from the state and some communities are losing money thanks to their high hopes, it is still possible to see a star or two around town.  And maybe I will get in the habit of taking my camera with me.

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  1. I always have my camera with me. It's easy to see celebrities in NYC, but I need to keep aware. I've learned that if I think someone looks famous, they are. You were right about the GooGoo Clusters. Post going up tonight.


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