Thursday, October 18, 2012


I received this important notice in an email:


A VIRUS is going round called HOUSEWORK. If you feel the need to start housework - Stop Immediately!! This virus affects your sleep and wipes out your social life. It causes you to be late for luncheons with friends and disrupts coffee get-togethers. It makes you grumpy and irritable. If you should come in contact with housework go straight to the nearest store and get the only known antidote which is called CHOCOLATE.

Please forward this warning immediately to a least 6 friends. If you realize you do not have 6 friends, you are already infected.
All of my friends have agreed that this is hilarious.  Most of us are retired and have the 'manana' attitude.  I eat my big meal around two in the afternoon and may have a nap around four.  My 'to do' list consists of food and sleep.
I have no doubt that I could move to Europe and fit right in to the relaxed lifestyle there.  Here is a clip of Peggy Lee singing her hit:

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