Friday, August 17, 2012

Why the Fuss?

The Secretary of State in Michigan had voters affirm that they were citizens of the United States at the August Primary Election.  Apparently some folks, including the editors at the Detroit News, have a problem with this.  Why?

The argument against it is that these voters would not be registered if they were not citizens.  But from what I saw in a Secretary of State's (SOS) office several years ago, no one is asking the question.

Periodically, in order to renew your driver's license, you must physically appear at the the SOS office to take an written exam.  (From what I have observed in West Bloomfield, some folks are either driving without a license or totally ignoring everything they should know about how to drive.)

So, I am sitting in the SOS office waiting for my number to be called.  Other customers are at the counter and each one is asked if they would like to register to vote.  EVERY person I observed either was registered or said 'yes' they would register.  Not once did I hear anyone asked if they were a citizen of the United States.

When I got back to Town Hall I asked the Election Coordinator why these people were not asked if they were citizens.  She informed me that they were not allowed to ask the question.  Really?  How stupid is this?  Like people do not lie? 

I know that there are people who have driver's lecenses that are not citizens.  I know this because when I would get my nominating petitions signed I would stand outside a grocery store or the library and ask people to sign.  People would tell me they were not citizens.  Or that they were not registered to vote. 

But I am guessing if you are asking someone if they want to register to vote and you do not question them about citizenship, then they just may sign up and hope they don't get caught.  Or may not even realize that they must be a citizen, as strange as that may sound.

I have no problem reaffirming my citizenship.  I can't imagine why anyone who is as law-abiding citizen of this country would object.  Why the big fuss?

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