Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sorry, Not Interested

Can anyone pick up a newspaper today without seeing the results of the latest poll of voters?  I have questioned the accuracy of some of these polls that are done by telephone and wondered if they have factored in the folks who never answer unknown callers.

I have caller ID and never answer any calls from toll-free numbers.  I figure that if it is important they will leave a message.  (OTOH, Rachel from Cardmember Services leaves a message all the time.  Totally bogus calls and I wish the government would find these people, lock them up and throw away the key.)

Yesterday, caller ID said 'Mouthpiece Communications'.  I knew they were a polling service and decided to answer just for the 'heck' of it. 

The young man on the phone seemed not to be too sure of what he was doing.  Eventually he got around to asking me questions about the national and state economy and policies. 

Now, whoever wrote these questions was obviously looking for specific answers and wanted a certain outcome.  How else to explain that after I said I thought the state was headed in the wrong direction, I was asked 'who I thought was responsible for the improved economy?'

When I explained to the caller that his question made no sense in light of my previous answer, he seemed flummoxed.

Then I was asked if I was under the age of 50.  (You think this might have been one of the first questions.)  When I said 'no', I was asked if there was a male in the house under the age of 50.  No, again.  Then I was asked if there was a male in the house over the age of 65.  No, again. 

Then he said he was sorry that he could not accept my answers to his questions.  I asked him what was wrong with a woman over the age of 65 and was told that was not the demographic they were looking for.

And this is yet another reason not to answer the phone and waste four minutes of my life.

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