Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rights and Responsibilities

I was involved with the Boy Scouts of America for many years.  I started out as just being a Mom of three Scouts but traveled through the roles of Cubmaster, Boy Scout Advancement Chair, Committee Chair and lastly as Troop Treasurer.  During that time I was also a camp chaperon and a counselor for the Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge.

I also gave tours of our Town Hall and talks to new Boy Scouts.  I talked about our rights and responsibilities as citizens of the United States.  I'd ask the young men what rights they had and then asked what corresponding responsibility went along with that right.  So, if they said they had the 'right to bear arms', I asked them what responsibility they had in exercising that right.  I found that these young men were quite intelligent when answering my questions.

Would that all adults retained that intelligence, assuming that some of them ever had it.  So, today, when I was reading my local newspaper, I saw a local candidate for Clerk say that the reason she has never voted in a primary election is because she often travels at the last minute. 

You've got to think the voter is really stupid to believe that one.  Since 1998 she has managed to be out of town the first week of August, unexpectedly no less, on all seven occasions?  Not to mention any special elections that may have occurred?  And was unable to obtain an absentee ballot?  And this person wants to be in charge of the elections for our community?

Not that she is the first candidate for this office to have a dismal voting record.  It has happened before. 

My other question about candidates who suddenly show up with their name on the ballot is how come I never heard of them before?  If they are so interested in the community, how come they have never been active in it?  My friend Debbie Macon always asked this question of any person applying for a position on a Board or Commission when we were on the Township Board together: "What community organizations have you been involved in?"  Sometimes it was like they had just crawled out of the woodwork with no clue what had been transpiring in their local community.

Even when I was busy raising my children, I was an active community volunteer.  I stongly believe that local elections are important, not just who the next President is.  In fact, sometimes they are more important if you care about safety, schools, and quality of life. 

Exercise your right to vote or give up your right to complain.  And don't expect me to elevate you to a position of importance in my community if you do not take that right to vote seriously.  For me, I am sticking with Cathy Shaughnessy for Clerk.

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