Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's all about the Money

Proving once again that politicians never met a tax they didn't like, our state legislators are reaping in the sales tax on the previously illegal fireworks.  No longer does anyone have to drive to Ohio or Indiana in an effort to blow themselves up.  They can just drive to their nearest mega-store and spend to their hearts content.  Any idiot can set off fireworks.

Now I am not sure what exactly it is that they are buying that is legal, but I do now that for the last several nights, since before the Memorial Day holiday in fact, someone in or near my sub has been setting them off.  The sky is a mass of color and then the air is a smoky blue.  This afternoon, someone else has been setting them off.  (Why wait till dark?)

Now, think about this.  We have not had any significant rainfall in weeks.  Despite my watering, my 'Joe-pye weed' looks more like 'joe-pye-eyed weed', all tall and droopy.  I have a house made of glass and wood.  I live on a five-acre park that is NEVER watered. 

Years ago at a fireworks show put on by the Township behind what was then just the Henry Ford Clinic, we watched in amazement as the field started burning.  Fortunately, the fire trucks were on hand.  So, should I get a bigger hose?

The legislators are all slapping themselves on the back talking about the millions they are generating in revenue.  If there is property damage as a result, will they take responsibility for their actions?  I sincerely doubt it.

Here is a link to a photo of the burning Fruehauf Farmhouse just three miles from me.  The fire started because of some teenagers playing with fireworks.  Need I say more?

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