Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rambling Thoughts on a Thursday Morning

1.  The calendar says that today is May 31st, but I know it must be June something or other.  The reason I know this is that for the first 22 years of my life, Memorial Day was always May 30th.  Therefore, in my mind, having celebrated three days ago, and knowing that May only has 31 days, it must be June something or other.  Right?  Thank goodness Congress didn't change Veterans Day from November 11 or I might not know when my birthday is.

2.  How does one so royally screw up the collection of names on nominating petitions?  Having done my share of circulating petitions to get my name on the ballot (five times), I know to leave some margin for error, check everything before I turn it in, and be responsible.  How then can a sitting Representative turn in petitions with 87% of signatures invalid?  Incredible!

3.  Speaking of petitions, how can you top the circulator who stopped me in front of the library and asked me to sign a petition?  When I asked what it was for, she held up her clip board, pointed to a picture and said that it was for 'this woman who is kinda like the manager of the city'.  It was a picture of the Township Board of West Bloomfield.  Imagine not even knowing the name of the candidate you are getting signatures for.  And if you only need 100 signatures, does 'the manager' not have any friends who can gather signatures and actually know her name?  What a hoot!  And no, I did not sign.  My exact words were 'Oh, Hell No'. The woman turned to her other friends and said 'I think she knows her'.

4.  Rain.  I am waiting for rain.  Last night I watered the north flower beds.  A lot.  For the second time already.  Everything is so lush that it would be a shame to see it falter.  Plus, I put in a lot of new plants on that side where we removed honeysuckle last year.  We need almost two inches of rain to get us up to the normal amounts for this time of year.  C'mon clouds.

5.  People keep asking me why I have been so quiet about local politics.  Well, other than that a few of our local officials turn my stomach (three to be exact), there is also my reader base to consider.  So, when I receive an email from someone in Brazil, who tells me that he finds our local shenanigans amazing, I am truly embarrassed.  I'll get back to giving my opinions about the candidates after the July 4 holiday, so stay tuned.

6.  Roundabouts.  An article in the paper this week about dangerous traffic intersections showed that West Bloomfield has three of the top ten, all at the roundabouts.  Some mental genius said that if people only followed the signs and learned how to drive them then it wouldn't be a problem.  DUH!  How long have they been there?  I drive through them all the time.  It is always a life-challenging experience.  In the past month I had a woman try to make a left turn across my front, another woman made a right turn from the inside lane across the other two lanes of traffic, someone just yesterday made a U-turn on Farmington to go back into the roundabout...well, you get the picture.

Now I think I'll go 'putz' around the garden and do a little rain dancin'.

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