Friday, April 13, 2012

Women are Sometimes their Own Worst Enemies

I don't watch TV news, so my information comes from the daily papers and the Internet.  This morning I am reading the newspaper and see a comment from a female 'talking head' regarding Ann Romney's decision to be a stay-at-home mom.  This woman believes that women who have never worked outside the home cannot have opinions about the economy.

Well lady, this blogger mom stayed home for eleven years and raised three sons.  Guess what?  My brain did not go on leave.  I did not cease to know what was happening in the world.  I did not cease to have opinions.

Why is one woman disparaging another woman about her life choice to stay home and raise her family?  Do we not get enough criticism from men about our life decisions?  Shame on her.

I have seen this happen many times during my lifetime.  I grew up in the 60's during the 'Age of Feminism'  as I call it.  Women's Rights.  Yes, we have them.  And that includes decisions to work outside the home - or not.  And some of the biggest critics were women.

One of my sorority sisters was also a neighbor in my subdivision after I married and started my family.  I left a good-paying job to stay at home.  She continued working.  One day we were in the park with our eldest children, born around the same time.  She had already returned to work and wanted to know what I could possibly do all day to fill the time while staying at home.  Well, without a housekeeper, nanny, or gardener - PLENTY.  And even if I did have that help, how about just spending TIME with my child???  Quality time.

When I went back to work in 1988, my middle son was ten years old in in school all day.  The school was just a mile away from my office.  I saw them off in the morning and picked them up in the afternoon.  One day he told me that he did not like me working.  I asked him why, since he was in school while I was working.  He said he liked the idea of me being at home waiting for him.  How very sweet.  Now in my retirement, I feel like I spend time here waiting for them to visit.

Well, enough with the bashing of women by men.  Enough of men and other women placing barriers in the paths of women who seek careers.  Enough 'talk' about 'family values' when we turn around and do not practice them.  Enough of talking-heads, whatever their sex, being experts on everything.  You are the reason I don't watch TV news.

One other thought.  Using this woman's logic about opinions, I guess people who don't have a uterus, shouldn't have opinions about birth control and abortion.  Now that I can actually agree with.

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