Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Upstairs, Downstairs and again, Upstairs, Downstairs

I live in a ranch style home with a half-basement.  This was very convenient when I broke my leg and could not move around easily.  It is not so convenient at Christmas time.

All of my Christmas decorations are in the basement.  I have a choice of carrying up each box of decorations and going through them upstairs, or going through the boxes in the basement and bringing up only what I intend to display this year.  Last month I opted for the latter option.

I have no idea how many trips I made up and down the stairs.  It seemed like it would never end.  And I left more than half the items downstairs, including the 7-foot tree.  (I'm allergic to the real thing, so I gave in to the artificial variety years ago.)

I bring up all the stuff, stow away the usual doo-dads that are in my home and look at it until New Year's Day has past.  Then, little by little, I take it all back to the basement and stow it away until next year.  I still have several snowmen out on tables.  After all, it is winter even though I have not had to shovel any snow yet this season.  Yay!!!!

If I were to build another home, I would include a dumbwaiter in my upstairs utility room.  It would work not only for transporting ornaments and decorations (which are currently stored directly below this area), but also for bringing up several bottles of wine for a party and sending a new case to the basement. 

And one more thing about a basement.  How do folks live without one?  I am always putting stuff down there until I decide if there is a way to use it again.  Once a year I go through and get rid of junk that has accumulated.  Of course, sometimes I cannot find what I am looking for which is why I now have two spice grinders.  And more paint rollers than I will ever need.

It all gives new meaning to upstairs, downstairs.

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