Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Unity Breakfast Hogwash

I have no idea how many of you read the 'Mallard Fillmore' comic strip by Bruce Tinsley.  I know that many folks find his humor offensive and tasteless.  Guess that explains why I like him. 

Today's comic is no exception.  It will make both Republicans and Democrats equally unhappy.  It predicts that a grilled cheese sandwich will win the Republican nomination for President and then defeat the incumbent Democrat.  Too funny in my opinion.  And 'right on' at the same time.

Here we have a bunch of Republican hopefuls eagerly beating each other up in the Primaries yelling about why the other guy is not worthy of being the next President or even the best candidate.  And then after all this is over they will join together and try to get this previously incompetent candidate elected.  Two of them may likely join together to form the team that will run.

When I was running for elective office, I was challenged in three different primaries.  My opponents all said nasty things about me.  Yes, folks in the same political party criticizing, and bad enough when the opposing party is taking pot-shots at you.  This happened in other races as well.  Unfortunately, the public seems to enjoy these negative campaigns.

Then, the day after the primary, the party holds a 'Unity Breakfast' where everyone comes together and joins hands and sings 'Kumbaya', or whatever.  Or at least I imagine they do.  I never actually went to one. 

I could never understand why I would want to go and play 'nice' with the very person who did his best to smear me during the campaign.  None of my elections were even close, so these people never even had a fighting chance. 

If you are truly the best person for a job, just tell me why that is without telling me why the other guy is a jerk.  Tell me that you don't agree with my ideas and why your ideas are better.  And do it with dignity.  Please.  Maybe then 'unity' will have more meaning.

As for that grilled cheese sandwich - I hope it is made with real cheese, not processed goop.

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