Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The More Things Change....

It is no secret that I am not a fan of the Republican Governor of Michigan. No secret that I wasn't a fan of the former Democratic Governor of Michigan. Maybe I just don't like politicians?

The current situation is particularly sad since one year ago I had high hopes for this new administration. But here we have a Governor who is a prime example of what the Occupy movement is griping about - a man who has $5 million or so to use to buy an election. He's got his, too bad for the rest of us.

He has shown in his one year in office that he cares not much for the health and welfare of seniors, the poor, and the education of our children. But, if you own a business, not only are you paying less real estate taxes because of the overall depreciation of your property, he eliminated the business tax and now wants to make sure they don't pay taxes on their personal property either. Couple this with take-aways from employees and the talk of becoming a 'right to work' state and we will have a ruling class and a slave class for everyone else.

So, it should come as no surprise to anyone that there was a protest outside his home yesterday. The protest was about the new Emergency Manager law which I have already expounded on more than once. The law flies in the face of democracy and in everything we as a nation believe in. Or at least I thought we did.

Why issue State manuals on finances requiring 'checks and balances' when an EFM does whatever he pleases?  Why bother with local governments if the State is going to be running the show?

As I was reading the book 'Empire of the Summer Moon', I kept seeing the local residents as the Indians and the State as the U S Gov't coming in, taking their land and telling them they are going to run things, just go sit in your tipi.  I guess that is why yesterday, instead of war bonnets, the citizens were carrying placards.  Have we not evolved at all?

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