Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Knowing Where Your Heart Is

Someone once told me that if you enjoy what you are doing, it never seems like 'work'. Fortunately, I had two careers where I could put this to the test.

The first career, in the medical profession as a Registered Medical Technologist, was a challenge. Science was never my strongest suit, but I chose it because math and English were 'too easy' and I was bored. I enjoyed the ten years I spent working in the lab, teaching students, and even being the union President.  But after having my three children and staying home for nine years, it was not a place I wanted to return to.

So, I decided to pursue an MBA in Finance and Economics. While doing so, I was appointed as Treasurer of West Bloomfield. I never intended to stay there for more than 20 years. I had planned to go into the corporate world, but the job allowed me to be close to home and my children.

I enjoyed my day to day work in the Treasurer's office. It was what I had trained for. OTOH, I hated my evening work as a member of the Township Board. The drama and the politics of that executive part of my job was truly nauseating at times. Hence, in 2008, I decided to give retirement a try.

Even in retirement I found myself busy with a Finance organization I was active in during my working years. I continued to be chair of a legislative committee, serve on a Dept. of Treasury committee, and headed up a project for the Senate Fiscal Agency (SFA). By the end of 2010, I was truly ready to walk away from all of it. And I pretty much did just that.

Then I had a request to give a presentation of that SFA study on debt issues to a training session for auditors in Michigan. Last week was the time to do so.

As I was driving into downtown Detroit, a drive I made during my hospital career every day, it came to me that I really do not enjoy this any more.

Ask me to come to Lansing and demonstrate how to make a really good tiramisu and I will pack up in a heartbeat. Ask me to come to a meeting to discuss government or hear someone else talk about it and I would rather have a root canal.

Finally in retirement I have found a routine that includes volunteering in the hospital pastry kitchen, working in the library bookstore, reading, yoga, gardening, lunching with friends, travel, and of course, cooking.   And blogging.   And I love it.

All that government stuff - not so much.

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  1. Ah Denise - those things sound way too enjoyable!! Where else but government operations would you have the opportunity to use that fantastic wit of yours! Plus we can't let you go because we'd miss you too much - you and those witty insights.


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