Monday, January 23, 2012

Food, Glorious Food

I've written several blogs about food.  I love to cook even more than I love to eat.  So, what is everyone's problem with Paula Deen and her lifestyle and cooking decisions? 

Ms. Deen has made her choices.  The Food Network presents her show.  They no more tell you to eat and cook as she does any more than any other show encourages you emulate the folks appearing on it  (think Kardashians,e.g.).  No one is forcing anyone to eat food lathered in butter and deep-fried.

Ms. Deen has admitted to having diabetes.  Seems to me that under the Health Information Protection Act that information was confidential unless she decided to disclose it.  Now that she has, it is also her business and that of the pharmaceutical company to market a product.  It is the American way.

What is with the commentators and editors jumping all over this?  Are we as a nation so stupid and so easily influenced on our life choices that we need government interference?  Are we angry because she is making a buck?  Did she force feed bad food into our mouths so she could do so?

I am not stupid, nor are most folks I know. I read a recipe before I decide whether or not it interests me. I particularly look at the ingredients.  I do not like fried foods, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to enjoy them.

To me, using the cost of health care to limit what we eat is a bogus argument.  If you are a terrible driver, you cannot get car insurance.  Likewise, if you make health choices that endanger your health, than perhaps you should pay prohibitive premiums for health care.

I personally have eaten at 'The Lady and Sons' in Savannah.  I was not impressed, but that is just me.  I have never made one of Paula Dean's recipes.  It should comes as no surprise that she may have health issues.  Heck, we all have some issue or another. 

But let's stop beating her up over this.  Let's get our brains in gear and think for ourselves.  That recipe used a pound of butter?  Maybe I either shouldn't make it or find twenty friends to share it with.

Paula's show is meant to be entertainment.  If you are interested in watching healthy food preparation, turn off your TV and check out information at your local medical center or from your doctor.  Walk.  Make better choices.  But don't blame the entertainer.  She is not your mother.

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