Friday, December 30, 2011

A Conversation on the Past Year

A very good friend dropped by yesterday afternoon for cheese, fruit, wine and conversation.  We started the afternoon by toasting to a year of good health and no surgeries.  It's an 'age' thing since we both had surgeries this past year.

After she left I thought about the last year and marveled that I have been retired for over three years.  I would have blogged then, but I was busy putting the final touches on a presentation to the Auditors' Institute next month.  So much for being permanently removed from the world of government finance.

Our conversation covered just about everything imaginable.  We agreed that we can be neither Republican or Democrat because no party seems to represent us completely.  And we both dread the upcoming election year and all the political calls and ads on TV and radio. 

My hope for 2012:  Everyone running is truly qualified for the position they seek and that 'political power' does not trump the needs and desires of the electorate.  (I couldn't drink enough wine to really believe this would happen.)

We are dismayed and angry about the treatment of women in certain regions of the world and the justification for it based on religious beliefs.  Whether Christian, Muslim, or Jew, there are people (men) who do not think we deserve to be equals.  (Don't get me going on this one.)

And speaking of religion, politicians aren't the only ones who make commercials saying things that are fabricated.  Now we have the 'Catholics Come Home' group claiming that the Catholic Church wrote the Bible.  Really?  I thought they just did a 'pick and choose' of what to include in their version.  Kinda like an early day Reader's Digest.

As for the rest of this past year, wouldn't it be nice to enter 2012 and know that we will never again have to hear the name 'Kardashian'?  Why is this no-talent family news?  And why does someone like Barbara Walters have them on her show and tell them they have no talent?  DUH!

I also would be happy to turn on the news and not hear the names of Charlie Sheehan or Schwarzenegger/Shriver (who apparently may reconcile).  OTOH, I wouldn't mind seeing a new 'Terminator' movie with Arnold.

I am really looking forward to a year where I can work in my garden and not worry that I will injure my back and end up in the ER, or at the very least get stuck in a chair with an ice-pack.  Last time I was able to garden all day was in 1992, twenty years ago.

This past year I only made trips to Chicago, so I am looking forward to a trip back to Victoria, British Columbia in early summer.  And I will be busy deciding where else I want to go.  Actually, I have a long list already.

I hope that each of you who read this have had a good year and are looking forward to an even better one.  As most of my friends say, 'Getting old sucks, but it sure beats the alternative' (assuming time travel is not real; Doctor Who anyone?).

To all of you, a very Happy New Year.

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