Sunday, November 27, 2011

Speaking of Disparging Remarks - No Brown-nosing the Brownback

I just saw an article on the web regarding a high school student's disparaging remarks regarding Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback.  HAH!

This is nothing compared to what I heard several years ago from some adults in Kansas.  I was travelling in Europe.  On a train from Vienna to Budapest in 2005, I was in a compartment with four Kansas residents.

Somehow the conversation got around to politics and they had plenty of disparaging remarks about then Sen. Brownback.  Their opinion of him was in the same arena as my opinion of many politicians right here in Michigan.  He sucks!

So now, a future voter of America has tweeted out her opinion about Gov. Brownback and her school wants to reprimand her and demands an apology.  Hogwash.

If all Americans actually paid attention to who they elect, we wouldn't have to go around saying that elected officials 'suck'.  Seems to me our opinions and freedom of speech are guaranteed in the Constitution.  Part of running for office is being able to deal with negative criticism. 

Shame on the school for not recognizing this.  Are they teaching students to think for themselves or indoctrinating them?

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