Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm Back from My Holiday 'Respite' - LOL

Respite - A usually short interval of rest or relief.

I use the term loosely, at best.  I did have an interval of rest.  It was on Friday when I was so tired I barely got out of the chair I was sitting in. 

I had no idea I would feel so whipped after fixing a very simple dinner for my sons on Thanksgiving.  I had enough energy to shower, get dressed, and then go to a lovely dinner at The Lark in West Bloomfield.

That in itself was an accomplishment when I realized that for the first time since I broke my leg in 2007 I wore a short dress and heels.  And also realized that I need to buy a pair of nice dress shoes I can actually wear with a dress.  After my accident I got rid of all my high heeled shoes.

The good news is that I was only tired and not in any pain.  And the truth is, I have decided to take this recovery from surgery slowly.  I even scheduled a 'spa day' for tomorrow along with my yoga class.

Notice how there is no mention of shopping here.  Not that I did not go out yesterday.  I went to the Hallmark store for an ornament and some Holiday napkins.  And I roamed around English Gardens looking at buying more outdoor lights as I only have a few.  I had to weigh the option of more lights against more work.

Today I will head out and look for shoes at DSW and use my birthday coupon.  I've already been online this morning doing a little Christmas browsing at Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust, which has free shipping through Monday for those of you who are so inclined.  A driving trip into Chicago is certainly doable before Christmas as long as the weather holds.  For me, as much as I hate the boring drive, I need the large trunk for my purchases.

I have few ideas of what to purchase for anyone.  Asking generates little or no response.  I truly need nothing for myself, so I guess I cannot complain about others. 

So, I'll head off early this afternoon to the local mall and check out a few stores, grab a cup of coffee, and be glad that the rain today is not snow.  And then take another respite.

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