Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Check it out First

I receive a lot of emails.  I hate it when I am gone for a day or so (no laptop or fancy phone) and come back to more than 100 emails.

Included in those are many from friends who are forwarding some funny joke or anecdote.  Many I forward on to others. 

Others are supposedly 'fact-based' information about world affairs or politics.  The vast majority of these are not based in fact at all.

Years ago I would pass on these tidbits without giving them a second thought.  One day I received a response back from someone that what I had sent was nothing but 'hogwash'.  He told me to check it out at

Since that time, I have made it a habit to verify all of these so-called 'facts' at the website before sending them on.  The vast majority turn out to be false.

Now that we live in an age of 'instant' communication, anything and everything is proclaimed to be true and sent around the globe.  What is even more interesting is that an email I received yesterday has been going around since 2009!  A false story at that!

I am guessing that if we all started verifying everything we say or send on before we do so, our world would be quite improved when it comes to information and understanding.  But then, why should any of us be any different than the professional media?

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