Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our Education System at Work - or Not

Everyday I read the editorial pages in the newspapers.  The Oakland Press also has a sound-off column from readers who call in. 

I am always amazed at the sheer ignorance of some of the comments.  There is a total lack of knowledge on many issues, like government, that I thought were taught in high school classes.  Admittedly, I do not know this for a fact because I never took government classes in high school, majoring instead in science, math and foreign language.

No matter the topic, writers and callers do not just offer an opinion, they make statements of fact that are totally wrong.  Well, for that matter, I have found that editors are not always immune to the 'distorted facts' virus.

This morning I am reading the 'reader comments' online about last night's township board meeting - or at least the first hour of same.  I see this comment:

" The TV report talked about robocalls going out to residents asking them to come to the meeting to critize the supervisor. What no one is "reporting" is who paid for these calls. Doesn't this smack of a political setup from the get go? "

Now, I do not know about you, but I have a home phone service with unlimited minutes.  I could sit here all day and talk - if I wasn't blogging, that is.  I can also send out 'blast emails'.  Who is this moron who doesn't understand that this is not campaigning, not political, that people talk, and that citizens are spending their own money?  How does he think all the ME supporters showed up?  Do you not think they were called by her or a friend of hers?  And what does it matter if the people who pay her salary, generous that it is, are asking questions and trying to get to the bottom of an issue?

When you enter public office, everything is PUBLIC.  If you put your families photos in your campaign literature to make yourself look like the 'All American Family', then everyone will expect you to act that way.  And now everyone knows what they look like.  I never mentioned my family or showed pictures of them in any campaign literature for the 20 years I was in office.  My sons were all told that they were never to say their Mother was the Township Treasurer.  I was just their 'MOM'.

When I complain about the quality of people who get elected to public office, I guess I should remember that they are elected by these same letter writers who seem to be complete idiots.  That explains a lot.

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