Thursday, August 25, 2011

Clueless Adults

A while back I blogged about a resident (Mr. Stupid) who was allowing his dog to do his 'business' on the neighbors' lawns.  Shortly thereafter I heard from a West Bloomfield resident who said they saw the same thing happening in their neighborhood and reported it to the subdivision president.

Today I was outside cutting my lawn and tidying up my yard.  Along comes 'Mrs. Stupid' walking the same dog.  I watch as she allows her dog to take a dump on the lawn across the street.  Then the dog crosses the driveway and takes another dump on the lawn.

I asked her if she was going to clean it up (she had no baggie in her hand so I sincerely doubted it) and she said it was 'too messy'.  I told her that was not an excuse and that we had an ordinance in West Bloomfield addressing this.  She kept on walking, allowing her dog to stop and piddle in every yard all the way down the street.

My mother used to yell at us to close the door and would ask if we were 'born in a barn'.  It makes me wonder where some of these folks were born and raised.

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