Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tweeting? Yes!

I am now 'tweeting' my blog on Twitter.  Thanks Cary! 

This was not without considerable effort.  I am much better with numbers, flowers, and food, than I am with all the new technologies. 

My user name is the same as my blogging name: msdeniseh553.

For those of you who wonder about the numbers at the end, it is really very simple.

H553 is Hammond in Soundex Code.  So, my user name is Ms Denise Hammond in an abbreviated format.

If you have a Michigan driver's license, take it out and check out the first four digits and you will see the first letter of your last name and three numbers spelling the rest of it.  And thanks to my friend Thomas for pointing that out to me many moons ago.

Tweet, tweet.

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