Friday, June 3, 2011

Curb Appeal?

1.  Is there not an ordinance in West Bloomfield about scavenging in other people's garbage?  I threw out a piece of old door molding on Wednesday and when I came home I saw it holding up a tree in my neighbor's yard (the guy who is 'all natural').  I could not believe my eyes.  Grabbing junk out of my trash?  Really?

2.  If your house in in foreclosure, or for sale, and you are still living there, are you excused from cutting your grass?  I think not.  If you cannot afford a service to come and cut, at the very least, give a neighbor five bucks and borrow a lawn mower and do it yourself.  Please.

3.  Your screen door falls off your front door after hanging loosely for over a year.  What do you do with the door?  Prop it up on the front porch, of course.  I guess this is no worse that the other neighbor who has had junk piled in front of his garage for years because his garage is too full of crap.

I was out working in my yard and three of my neighbors stopped to talk.  They all maintain their homes and all were complaining about those who don't. 

Recently I read in the papers that West Bloomfield was going to inspect rental homes to make sure they were being maintained.  What a joke.  There has been no serious enforcement of the Property Maintenance Ordinance for as long as it has been on the books.  I complained about the same people repeatedly.  We did get one house demolished while I was Treasurer, but I use the term 'house' very lightly.  One other case was fought in the courts for years.  And in this economy, getting anyone to maintain their property can be a long and losing battle. 

The solution is for these folks to buy homes on smaller lots since they do not want to maintain their large one.  Or move to a condo.  Which is what I will be buying the next time around. 

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