Saturday, May 14, 2011

They Lie

I have heard many people tell me that they do not trust the government.  Well, no surprise there.  If pressed, some will tell you of a personal incident, others will just say that 'They lie'.  Alas, I cannot argue with their statements.  And foolish to try.

During my twenty some odd years on the Township Board, only once did I ask my fellow Board members to allow me to refrain from a discussion and vote on a topic.  Once they agreed, I removed myself from the dais and sat in the audience.

The issue was regarding an addition to a house of worship near my home.  While reading the minutes of prior meetings regarding the property, I discovered that they were originally denied a permit to build because of drainage issues.  Eventually, permission was granted and they were allowed to divert their rainwater into the park behind my home. 

Wonderful.  So, basements flood in my subdivision during heavy rains.  Mine included.  I pay so someone else can pray?

The solution the Township came up with on this occasion was to allow an addition to the building and require them to hold the water on the property.  Well, guess what?  It is not working.  Every year since we have more and more water sitting in the park.  A small lake in the summer and something new. We now have water sitting out there in the winter too. 

I took the picture below ten minutes ago:

See the water in the middle of the photo?  (It is still raining and the creek is a couple hundred feet from my window.)  That happens more frequently now then it did before the so-called 'fix'.

I know from my experience in my home that this is land that should not have been built on with basements or lower levels.  But government greed for tax revenues allowed the developer to build.  OTOH, every time a religious organization wants to build, politicians do not want to say 'no' for fear of being anti-'whatever'.  So, we build on anything and everything.  After the damage is done, we run around worrying about the effect on our environment. 

And speaking of lies, how about the one the County Road Commission told when they said they would solve the flooding problems on Drake Road north of Maple?  They were going to fix it when they put in their wonderful roundabout there.  Let me ask you this:  If you drive through that area, how is that working for you?  Better you could get through with a canoe than a car. 

Oh, silly me.  I actually believe that some folks tell the truth and actually know what they are talking about.  Like all the new jobs that are going to be created by changing the tax structure in Michigan.  But that is an entirely different topic called 'supply and DEMAND'.  No demand, no need to supply.  No new jobs. yada, yada, yada.

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