Sunday, May 15, 2011

No Blog?

There is an article in today's Oakland Press about bloggers.  When the Press said they would carry my blog, they told me I needed to agree to post at least three times a week.  Well, overall, I average that.  But sometimes it is out of my control.

Last week Google took down the ability to blog while they dealt with an issue regarding the posting of 'reactions'.  So, from Wednesday til Friday afternoon, no access.  Oh no!  All those ideas and no way to write them down.  And share them. 

I'm kidding, of course.  But I am not kidding when there is an email problem.  I am involved in two active finance and legislative committees in Michigan and we do just about everything by email.  The same thing was true when I sat on the Treasury and Investment Management Committee for the GFOA.  How else to meet only twice a year and still be productive?

We depend so much on email for communication.  Who ever thought that faxing would become obsolete in such a relatively short amount of time?  I copy a document on my printer and send it as an attachment in email.  But have a technical issue with the email provider and my life comes to an end as I know it.  Some days I think I have grown roots into this desk chair.  Which reminds me that I have yet to write up the minutes from one of the committees I chair. 

Where would I be without my computer?  My email accounts?  My blog?  Well, reading a book the old-fashioned way, I guess.

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