Friday, May 27, 2011

The Cybermen have Arrived

I recently changed my cable service.  I am now happily receiving BBC America.  This means that I can watch 'Doctor Who' when its airs on Saturday nights instead of waiting to watch it 'On Demand'.

If you are a long-time fan of this British Sci-fi series which began its run in 1963 (as are my sister and her husband), you know way more than I do about it.  I have not seen the 'classic' episodes from that time.  I am a relative newcomer, beginning with the ninth doctor in 2005.  Now, I can enjoy reruns of past episodes on TV.

So, there I am watching a rerun from 2008 titled 'The Next Doctor'.   As the people in the village are aimlessly walking along the road with earbuds in, the Docotor explains that the cybermen are controlling their brains and they now have no independent thought process. 

My mind starts wandering to politicians.  Specifically, newly elected politicians with no experience in anything remotely related to government.  I suppose this may have something to do with our State.  And the discussion I had with a friend in Illinois last week about the dismal mismanagement of their state's finances.

I realize that in another form we have our own CyberKing.  And the cybermen do his bidding.  No independent thought.  And they expect that we will follow their lead.  Well, not me.  I have a brain.  I do not need someone telling me what is good for me. 

Here is a snippet of the Cybermen history:

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