Monday, April 4, 2011

What to Say?

I had a phone call yesterday from someone who was looking at the employment postings for West Bloomfield.  Currently, they are looking for a full-time Finance Director and a part-time Budget Director.  The question I was asked was, 'Why are these two separate positions?'  Why Indeed!

Blame it on Township laws to start with.  As I stated in an earlier post, the Clerk is responsible for accounting functions, while the Supervisor is in charge of preparing the budget.  The person formerly was called just 'budget director' and reported to the Supervisor.  Yet, he was still involved to some extent in the accounting functions. 

Hiring someone into one position with two masters who do not get along is a recipe for disaster.  It was hard enough when I was there.  Every time I made a request to the budget director for information, he had to clear it with the Supervisor first.  And you are right if you are thinking that the Supervisor and I did not have a 'working relationship'.

Township laws are very out-dated.  For that matter, so is township government, IMHO. 

As to the question of actually working in West Bloomfield, I suggested they go online and view the recent meetings, read the minutes, or attend a meeting in person.  They said they had read some of my blog entries about the township. 

Back when I was on the Board, we were interviewing for a department head position.  I was embarrassed by the behavior of some trustees when interviewing potential candidates.  One candidate left the interview and told an employee in the hall that we could not pay them enough to work for the 'crazy Board'.  Yikes.

All I can say is 'candidate beware'.  And if you are looking for a finance position, I heard Pontiac is hiring.

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