Thursday, April 14, 2011

I just knew it

Update 4/20/2011  Another voice heard:   I've just been cautioned by a reader regarding the use of drugs, addiction, and suicide.  Come on, folks, read the blog entry, not just the title!!!

When I picked the title for my blog entry yesterday, I just knew I would get some dumb---s comment from folks using 'bots' to search for certain words - like vicodin.  Sure enough.

Someone called 'overseas pharmacies' has sent me an email and warned me to be careful with my drug addiction.  I guess that would be my 'addiction' to following the on-going antics of West Bloomfield politics. 

The rest of the message is unintelligible. Something about it being difficult to obtain narcotics and worry about side effects, but you have to rearrange all the words to get that out of it.

My guess is that the writer is quite addicted and wrote while 'under the influence'.  Perhaps this is what my Nigerian and Columbian readers were following yesterday?

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