Sunday, April 17, 2011

Back to Tradition

Last year I wrote about not following tradition for my holiday meals.  I wanted to be more adventurous and try new things for my family.

Unfortunately, while they enjoyed the food, I still listened to the question of  "Where is the (fill in your favorite food)?" each time.  This year, if you like Polish food, that's what I will be serving.

First, I am cooking to accommodate the question of 'Why no pierogis?'  Second, Polish cooking is pretty easy if you do not serve stuffed cabbage.  Besides, I only know how to make stuffed cabbage for 50, not six.  And third, I need 'easy' to accommodate my back issues and standing on my feet (though sitting is not great either).

To start my menu I bought a spiral ham.  I'll spice it up by making a chutney glaze for the top.  Throw it in the oven to re-heat.  Done.

I am making 'kapusta'.  Fresh Polish kielbasa from Kowalski's, sauerkraut, and mushrooms.  Throw in the slow-cooker.  Done.

Fresh peas.  Cucumbers with sour cream and dill.  Salad.  No stress there.

My sister will arrive and fry the pierogis in butter and onions.  The sour cream comes right out of the carton.

She will also make her rolls, which my sons love, and can be used for small sandwiches with the ham.

Dessert is up in the air.  I would love to create something with poppy seed filling.  I was thinking of making kolaches.  But they need to made on Saturday and a lot will depend on how I feel.  I always like something with lemon for Easter, so I am also considering a lemon mousse parfait with blueberries.  If all this fails, I can always make my lemon curd ice cream.  Actually, that sounds like a plan no matter what I decide.

Whether you are eating for Passover or Easter in the coming week, remember that it is not the food, it is the family.

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