Saturday, March 5, 2011

Where's My Pen?

This morning's Oakland Press has a story about missing equipment in Independence Township.  Seems that a tractor and an aerator have gone missing.  The story reminded me of 'things that went missing' when I was at West Bloomfield. 

I had a practice of leaving my very nice Cross pen on my desktop each night when I left for home.  It was always right there when I came in the next morning so I could write up all of my bank transfers and investments.

One morning I sat at my desk, went to grab the pen, and it was GONE.  I looked everywhere.  I even asked my counter staff up in the front of the office to look and see if I had left it on someone else's desk.  No luck.

Being more than a little upset (read loud), other co-workers heard me.  They then informed me that they too had items missing.  One was missing a pair of ladies slacks that were on a coat rack in the hall.  The other was missing her sports bra which was in her gym bag in her office.

I put a call in to the person in charge of the outside cleaning crew (my suspicious nature arises) at Town Hall.  We did a little investigating (too many crime shows) and found out that other departments also had problems.  A digital camera, a stepladder, and some make-up were also missing.

At this point we involved the Police Department.  And we fired the cleaning company.

We came up with some interesting scenarios for someone who steals a ladder, camera, ladies clothes and make-up, and a pen.  You are free to come up with your own stories.

As for Independence, you have to admit that a tractor is a little big to stuff in your pocket or make a quick getaway in. 

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