Thursday, March 10, 2011

Us Money-grubbing Seniors

So our new Governor thinks that seniors should be taxed on their pensions because they are 'reasonably high users of services.'  I read this statement online last night and have been trying to figure out what services I am using to excess.

I moved into my home in 1972.  I faithfully paid my school taxes.  I did not use the services until 1982 and have not used them since 1999.  Did I get more than my share for paying taxes over the last 39 years?

When I updated my 34 square foot bathroom this year, my township charged me $590 in fees.  For what?  They did NO work at all, other than sending some folks out to look and chat.  And not that they are the only ones to blame because they are only enforcing the state's construction code.

Police services?  I made one report after someone tried to use my credit card in Brooklyn, NY.  Fire services?  Luckily, none since I retired in 2008. 

I am really tired of being portrayed as a bully and a monetary drain on society.  One thing I learned when I was in politics is that just because some idea pops into your head, it is not always a good idea to voice it publicly.

Many seniors have something many young families do not have:  Disposable income.  We can spend it in Michigan, or if we are such a drain, we can take it and spend it elsewhere.  The choice of what policy is going to be followed is now up to our legislators.

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