Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Too Much Interference

So, a Federal Judge has struck down Obamacare.  Good for him.  But as far as I am concerned, that is just another blip, albeit a large one, on the ongoing drama of government interference in our lives.

Some examples:
1.  Light bulbs.  The United States, while not banning incandescent bulbs, has set standards, due to take place next year, that will make their sale impossible.  The State of California (no surprise here) has moved the standards forward into this year. 

I tried to put one of these new energy-efficient bulbs in my walk-in pantry.  I was out of the pantry before the light was bright enough to see anything clearly.  Back to the incandescent.  I have one in an spare bedroom and the same thing happens.  I might as well rummage around in the dark.  This may be good business for the eye doctors.  I am sure there are others out there remembering their mothers telling them to turn on the light while reading or they will need glasses.  (This is something mothers learn by osmosis, or whatever, during pregnancy, along with that clean underwear line.)

So, I have an entire cabinet in my laundry room stocked with various sizes of incandescent bulbs.  I'm set for life.  I hope.

2.  Salt.  I think I actually blogged about this before.  So, here we are less than one year later and the government is at it again.  Today's Detroit News  has an article telling us that your government wants you to eat less salt, less fats, less food.  Do these folks have nothing really important to worry about other than telling all of us what to do?

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and my blood pressure was 91 over 61.  I tend to have low blood pressure (unless watching a township board meeting).  I wonder what would happen if I eliminated all salt from my diet?

Enough already.  I am tired of the 'food police', the 'light controllers', and the 'electric car/tree huggers'.  Too much control is what causes folks to revolt.  Is there something about this our legislators missed in government class? 

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