Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Repeating Myself

I am beginning to think that instead of just listing my blog in my email signature, I am going to put it first in the message.  That way, folks could just look there for their answer.

I could not begin to count the number of emails I get asking me a question regarding something I already blogged about.  And not because they read the blog.  It's because they do not and ask my opinion about something that is already written.  It gets very tiresome.

Now, I do communicate a lot by email.  It is very efficient and sure beats the phone.  And I must say that even people that I meet in person will ask me something I have already opined about.  My first response is always, 'Do you read my blog?'  The answer of course is, 'no'.  Followed by an eye roll that says 'why bother?'

I suppose if everyone read the blog I would have fewer emails and less to talk about at lunch, but it only takes a minute and I get tired of repeating myself.  I'm beginning to feel like a broken record. 

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