Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Making one Think

Four years ago today, I was here at home with all of my family and friends.  We were eating take-out food, something that doesn't happen too often at my house.  The reason was simply that I was out of commission and out of the kitchen.

The day before, February 22, 2007, I slipped on the floor at Town Hall and suffered a tri-maleolar fracture of my left leg. In simple English, I fractured the tibia, fibula and ankle bones.  A steel plate and nine screws were used to repair my leg.  While in the cast, I broke a bone in my other foot.  I was out of work until June.  I was in physical therapy for several months and then in April 2008 I had another surgery to remove all the hardware and then another round of physical therapy. 

It was during that time at home that I fully realized how much stress I was under at work.  While I was connected to the Town Hall computers from home and did my daily work, I totally ignored what transpired at the Board level.  Never watched a meeting, never read my packet, never asked questions.  I was cool.  I also decided that I no longer wanted that level of stress in my life and made a decision not to run for election in 2008.

I thought of all of that again this past week after I learned that another of my former co-workers at Town Hall had passed away.  It was the third person to die within less than two years and all were in their mid-50's.

The obituary written in the Oakland Press for the Budget Director, Steve Brideau, quotes his wife as saying he was under stress.  I do not doubt that at all.  He had a stressful job in a very stressful time. 

I have often referred to Town Hall as being 'toxic'.  Those who are there or are familiar with the situation know exactly what I am talking about and I feel sad knowing that it exists.  My thoughts are often with them.

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