Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Facebook: To Be or Not To Be

I may be the last person in the world to be on Facebook.  That is because I have no intention of opening an account. 

I have received several requests to become someone's 'friend'.  Some of these people I do not even know and have no idea why they invited me.  I have refused all requests.  It is not that I do not like the people involved, but I just do not want to use the service.

Last night I watched the movie 'The Social Network'.  It painted the founder of Facebook in a rather poor light.  I do not know how much is true, but I really do not care.  The movie was entertaining, but not 'award worthy', IMHO.

My concern over social media, including blogging, is that we may be raising children who do not know how to interact 'face-to-face'.  Social media removes all tone and inflections from speech.  Lord knows I have sent many a personal email that was misinterpreted because the reader read it with a tone that I did not intend.

So, instead of Facebook, I'd rather sit and have lunch or whatever, even sit through slides of your vacation (a reference to my 400+ slides of my European adventure in 1969), versus going online and seeing stuff I have no interest in.  Or sharing more than I care to share with you out of some need to post.  For now, I'll stick with just leaving my opinions and boring adventures on this blog.  Which you are free to ignore at your pleasure.

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